• Image of Blind Vision - Look At Me LP

Limited to 350 copies on Priplak jacket with an exclusive postcard. First 100 copies on orange vinyl including a download code full of extra remixes, demos and unreleased stuff.

Release date: October

A1. Bestialic Beat
A2. Tanz Den Teufel
A3. Don't Look At Me (G-Mix)
A4. D.D.F.
B1. Don't Look At Me (Razormaid Mix)
B2. Near Dark (Dark Version)
B3. Get Out (Of Me)
B4. Near Dark (2nd Mix)

Blind Vision is the project created in 1988 by Andreas Froese, former Club Bizarre / Technoclub DJ. He released on New Zone (parent label of Zoth Ommog and Suck Me Plasma) a bunch of EBM & "Sound of Frankfurt" hits featuring collaborations and production work with Ralf Henrich (Robotiko Rejekto, Axodry), Markus Nikolai (Bigod 20 / Umo Detic), Sevren Ni-Arb (X Marks the Pedwalk) and Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip).

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