• Image of Nihon No Wave
  • Image of Nihon No Wave
  • Image of Nihon No Wave
  • Image of Nihon No Wave
  • Image of Nihon No Wave

Release date: September 2th

A special selection of Japanese underground minimal-synth-wave from the first half of the 80's.

Limited edition of 525 copies on double vinyl with printed inner sleeves and insert with photos and credits. Everything inside a deluxe jacket made with synthetic paper (Tyvek) silk-screened and hand sewn.

All tracks have been restored from the original masters, some vinyl records and a few cassette tapes. Everything under permission of the original artists and labels.

Photos and patterns by Stefan Alt (Ant-Zen).
Audio restored and remastered by Nicolás Zuñiga.

A1. Ricochet - Ningyo Touge
A2. Ricochet - Blue Melody
A3. C. Memi - Ishin-Denshin
A4. C. Memi - Hitojichi
B1. C. Memi + Neo Matisse ‎- Dream's Dream
B2. Harumi Shimada - Yakō Shōnen
B3. Harumi Shimada - Midnight Boy
B4. D.R.Y. Project - Digital Wave
C1. D.R.Y. Project - Requiem For…
C2. Neo Museum - Area
C3. Neo Museum - Ethno-Music
C4. Dendö Marionette - Alchemist
C5. Dendö Marionette - Dendö Marionette
D1. Anima - Grey City
D2. Anima - Not Only One
D3. Mikan Mukku - Kan
D4. Mikan Mukku - Chin Dan
D5. Shinobu - Earth
D6. Shinobu - Ceramic Love

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