• Image of The Rorschach Garden - The Rorschach Dossier / Limited CD

Limited to 500 copies in digipak with booklet.

First 40 copies (SOLD-OUT!) inside a handmade stamped cardboard box.

Compilation of tracks from out-of-print vinyls and CD-R’s released in early 2000’s (“Flow of Life”, “Far Away from Paradise”, “State Protection”, “Motorcircle”, “Common Games”, etc.) plus some rare and unreleased stuff.

Artwork by Salt (Ant-Zen).

1. State Protection
2. Insects
3. Down to the Ground
4. Devotional Chains
5. Society
6. Solarize
7. Dangerous Strangers
8. Far away from Paradise
9. Desire (1995 version)
10. Focus
11. Solarize 1.1
12. Named by Numbers
13. Flow of Life
14. Freedom of Choice
15. Consuming Drugs
16. Bizarre
17. More Chances
18. I am Strange
19. Right in Between
20. Target
21. Catwalk


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