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Carlos Perón - Impersonator 2CD


  • Image of Carlos Perón - Impersonator 2CD
  • Image of Carlos Perón - Impersonator 2CD
  • Image of Carlos Perón - Impersonator 2CD

Limited edition of 500 copies on double CD with vinyl record gatefold sleeve replica and printed inner sleeves.

First 50 orders comes with a postcard.


1. Her Heäd Is Bräkin Intu Foör
2. Rocky
3. Impersonator
4. Méthode
5. Dog Muzzles
6. Einsatz
7. Infiltration
8. Ordal
9. Oui, Oui
10. Frigorex
11. The Winner
12. Dom Pedro's Chamber
13. Quadra
14. Light Conversation
15. Bust Food
16. Méthode Total
17. Devin T. Race
18. The Princess Side Saddle
19. Ricky
20. Listen Up Sucker
21. 10,000 Zippers (Early Version)
22. Müttertag
23. Who Do Ya Voo-Doo To?
24. Raid at Fat Bennies
25. Borussian Drag
26. Frigorex
27. Her Heäd Is Bräkin Intu Foör (Et Mix)
28. Two Minds
29. Komtur
30. Room 101

40th anniversary edition of the debut album by the multi-talented musician Carlos Perón. “Impersonator” was originally released in 1981 when he was still a member of Yello. This first solo work represents a desire to conduct daring electronic experiments, to achieve stylistic variety and musical intensity while at the same time it is an example of Mr. Perón’s bizarre sense of humour.

Since the beginning of his career he pushed experimentation beyond limits with noise atmospheres, loops and complex textures which he has long used since before the introduction of sampling technology. With the arrival of sound sampling, he was among the first to experiment with equipment such as the Fairlight, Emulator and Mirage. During his time with Yello, Carlos may well have been one of the world's first sampling masters.

This new re-issue of “Impersonator" includes all original tracks with some bonus including the whole Frigorex EP from 1984 and six previously unreleased cuts recorded between 1982 and 1983.

Transferred and mastered by Nicolás Zúñiga. Artwork by Stefan Alt.

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