• Image of Synths Versus Me - ⩤ 1987 ⩥ 12"
  • Image of Synths Versus Me - ⩤ 1987 ⩥ 12"

Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl with sticker.

NOTE: With your purchase you can get also a digital version. Just send us a message with your desired format.


A1. ⩤ 1987 ⩥ (Original mix)
A2. ⩤ 1987 ⩥ (Dirk Da Davo //The Neon Judgement// mix)
B1. Aimless Device (Original mix)https://my.bigcartel.com/products
B2. Aimless Device (Boy Harsher Flesh mix)

Synths Versus Me is a prolific duo formed by Vanessa Asbert and Nico Cabañas. They have already a bunch of releases edited by Oráculo Records. Minimal Synth, EBM and Cold Wave from Lloret de Mar (Spain)