• Image of Adbaloons - Mad Motor 10"
  • Image of Adbaloons - Mad Motor 10"

Limited to 265 copies with OBI strip, insert with some photos/lyrics/info and numbered card.

NOTE: With your purchase you can get also a digital version. Just send us a message with your desired format.


A1. Terrorist
A2. Obstructer
B1. Sleep On The Roof
B2. Mad Motor

Adballons (made-up word from the English ”advertising balloon”) was a duo formed in Tokyo and active only between 1986-88. Equipped with some gear (Casio CZ-5000, Teisco S-110F, Roland MC-202, Roland TR-909, Korg KPR-77) and influenced by the music of D.A.F, Kosmonautentraum, Tommi Stumpff, Propaganda, The Flowerpot Men, Cassandra Complex, This Heat, The Pop Group, SPK and Laibach, they released just one 7” in 1987 and played some shows in local clubs before disappear and become part of the obscure and inscrutable Japanese underground scene.