• Image of BOY Records - Timeless Technology 1988-1991

Limited edition of 500 copies with printed inner sleeves and packed on a transparent Priplak box.

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A1. Absurd - Brian (The Pure Techno Bassdrum Mxxx)
A2. Hypnopedia - Hypnopedia (The Hypnotic Mix)
A3. Time Modem - The Time Of The Gathering (... There Can Be Only One)
B1. New Scene - El Mach Hall (The Never Should Be The AA-Side Mix)
B2. New Scene - The War in Vietnam
B3. Deep Thought - Jugendklang
C1. "O" - Das Spiel
C2. Duce - Krieg Oder Frieden
C3. Hypnopedia - Hypnopedia 666
D1. Deep Thought - Kennedy
D2. Time Modem - Welcome To The 90's
D3. Hypnopedia - Horror
E1. "O" - Das Spiel (Die 2. Runde)
E2. Intact - Act's Of Sensation (Techno Version)
E3. Cybex Factor - Die Schöpfung
F1. F.C.M.P. - Demon Dance (Pluck Mix)
F2. "O" - O'rgasm (Hetero Version)
F3. New Scene - Tonight
G1. Time Modem - Werkzeug Eines Fernen Willens
G2. Structure - Das Licht
G3. Cybex Factor - No Rock
H1. Sonic System - Operation Desert Storm (Bombing-Attack-Mix)
H2. Synchroton - Let'em Down
H3. Scared To Death - Falling (Harmonie Mix)

Boy Records was founded by Michael Zosel in 1987 and after a few (hip-hop/techno-pop) releases he started to work with producer Arno Müller. "Brian" by Absurd was the first techno release on the label and a great success in the German Techno scene. The cooperation continued with singles by Hypnopedia and New Scene that worked very well and put the name of Boy Records in the charts and clubs all around Germany and abroad. In 1990 "Kennedy" by Deep Thought was released. Once again a huge success and from there the label did not stop to release hit after hit by other projects like Time Modem, "O", Cybex Factor, Sonic System, Moskwa TV, MCL and lot more...

"Timeless Technology 1988-1991" compiles the best and most representative singles released on label's most fruitful years. A selection of 24 classic and timeless tekkno traxx!!!

Remastered by Eric van Wonterghem (Prodam).

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